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Thank you for visiting Willowtree Embroidery.  We are the premiere Custom Embroidery Surgical Cap Solution.  CraniCaps was started in 1996 in Parkville, Maryland; like so many before I was working in the operating room at the University of Maryland Medical Center.  I had purchased a lot of hats from friends who were selling them but I could never find that fabric that made me say “That’s me”.  My wife (Mary) showed me how to how to cut a pattern and sew a cap together before I knew it people were asking me for hats.  It started with a few hats and some extra money for espresso.  Then the requests started to increase.  I started to think, how I could ramp it up a bit so I purchased a home embroidery machine at Bears Paws in Towson Maryland from a great lady named Spanky.  Spanky tutored me to the world of embroidery and I produced my 1st embroidered surgical cap which I dubbed CraniCap.  I could not have imagined the results, the orders kept progressing and it was more than my little Bernina could take, so a decision had to be made slow down or JUMP.  Needless to say, I jumped into commercial embroidery machines. 

From there I wanted to produce caps that were truly custom.  I researched fabric distributors and came up with the Athletic Mesh Cranicap.  I wanted one more on my shelf which was the Sublimation CraniCap this required more equipment and and a lot of work but eventually I got it perfected,  Then in 2005 Willowtree Embroidery was created.  Business began expanding and into areas of lab coats jackets,shirts etc.  By this time we needed to move the business into a commercial space.

We having been making surgical hats locally for area hospitals, nationally and internationally. We have done promotional surgical caps for corporations like GE Healthcare, Olympus, MED-EL etc. 

We take great pride in all aspects our production, and materials that go into our products. We endeavor to use as many raw products that are made in the USA.           

The Gallery cases some of our completed custom works.  If a custom cap is not for you then browse through our “Off the Rack” where we have limited quantities of fabric styles that has a certain je ne sais quoi.

CraniCaps are a great gift for Birthdays and Holidays; you can wear them in the operating room or other medical arenas.  There’re great for bad hair days.  Some of our customers wear them for backyard BBQ, gardening, working on cars, painting ect. 

CraniCaps are made in Parkville, Maryland, we pledge to live by our motto “Evolve”...  Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, we appreciate your time and business




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